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"He has helped my business in small and large cases when I have had to go after people for jobs or money owed to me or when I needed to be defended. He has always given me knowledge of all facts to consider and he has always been honest."

Broker/Property Management Firm, Rochester, Michigan

"Rob has represented my business as well as anybody could ask. He is an honest lawyer who cares about his clients, not just their retainers. No legal action is cheap, but neither is an operation or even a car repair. The biggest things you look for in a mechanic, a doctor or a lawyer is competence, honesty and a caring heart. Rob has these qualities in abundance, and I highly recommend him to all."

Bar Owner, West Bloomfield, Michigan

"Rob is uncompromising in his ethics but very flexible in his approach to working with us.  He communicates well and I always know the status of every case.  His advice has saved our business thousands of dollars."

"He is also the most cost effective attorney with whom we have worked.  He takes care to keep contain costs which is a refreshing change from many attorneys we have had in the past."

Mobile Home Community, Oxford, Michigan

"Mr. Alonzi has been very professional when helping me with legal matters. He will fight for you when you need a fight, but most importantly he will negotiate for you and get what you really need out of the out of the situation. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of an attorney." 

Thanks --Grateful criminal client.

"My experience with Mr. Alonzi was very rewarding in too many ways to list here.
It is nice to know that there is someone who is honest and can always counted on to give you support. My divorce was a very trying time in my life.  Mr. Alonzi listened and he cared.  In my opinion he is the consummate legal counsel."

Thankful Divorce Client.


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